AAM Offers Advanced Drone Course in Putnam County High School

From 13WMAZ.com:Drones fly high in the sky, and now they’re flying high in the classroom. Putnam County High School says they’re the first school in the United States to offer an advanced drone course.

Once students finish the course, they can take a Federal Aviation Administration exam to get their drone pilot’s license. Senior Jason Stewart says passing the exam leads to job opportunities.

“Once I have my license, I can use that to get into the industry, commercialize myself, and basically sell my skills to make money as a career,” Stewart says.

Sophomore Dayana Paz says those career choices are in diverse fields.

“I want to become a commissioned officer in the Air Force, ” Paz says.

The course instructor, John Granich, says the curriculum can help students enter the industry and competitive universities.

“We want to send people to the workforce that actually have the training behind them,” Granich says. “If you saw this, they actually have to run advanced simulators. They actually have to demonstrate their ability to fly on the simulator before we give them a more advanced aircraft.”

Fifteen students are currently enrolled in the course, and Granich says, next semester there will be more.

The course is partnering with Mercer University, possibly helping these students enroll in their engineering program after graduation.

AAM Offers Advanced Drone Course in Putnam County High School